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Untamed Acres Meal delivery is a monthly delivery service of homemade, frozen, ready-to-cook meals designed for your slow-cooker.

  • no subscription necessary - order whenever you want

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How Frozen Meal Delivery Works



  • A new menu is released each month and include a variety of meal types - main dish, bowl kits, soups, stews, etc. Our meals are prepared from fresh, wholesome ingredients, vacuum sealed and then frozen. They are easy to store and are ready for when you need them. 



  • Orders are delivered by the end of the month so your freezer is stocked and you can meal plan! If you won't be home during delivery, leave a cooler to place your order in. 

  • Important: We will send an order reminder the day before delivery.  Be sure our email is in your "safe list" so you receive these reminders, and that a CELL PHONE number is provided.



  • Meals are made from scratch. We do all the prep work for you - yup, all the chopping, dicing, mincing, seasoning, sauce making and time-consuming, flavour building prep work. From there, we vacuum seal and freeze your meals. This process seals in flavour and freshness, so that every meal tastes perfectly home made. Defrost your meal in the refrigerator overnight; place all contents of the bag into the crock pot. Follow instructions on entree bag for cook time and any additional steps. Let the slow-cooker do the cooking! 

  • NOTE: a slow-cooker isn't necessary for every meal! Meals can be cooked on the stovetop, in the oven, or an insta-pot. Choose whatever cooking method suits your lifestyle! 



  • Each meal contains either 2 or 4 servings based on your order

  • Meals should be considered a "Main Dish" - you will want to prepare a starch (rice, potatoes or noodles), side salad or raw or cooked vegetables. (Each meal comes with a serving suggestion on the label.)

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