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Just one year ago our family decided to jump into our dreams and make the move to northern Manitoba. Our dream (since our very first date) was a home in the forest, on a lake, gardens galore and serving our community. I pinch myself daily knowing that we're living out our prayers. 


And how do we serve our community?

With delicious, homestyle meals for YOU to take the credit for! Every time I asked my family, "what should we have for dinner?" only to receive shoulder shrugs and a, "whatever," I was...annoyed. And I thought - I can't be the only one!
Enter Utamed Acres - Slow Cooker Meals + Cozy Catering. Whether you are busy running between activities, tired of deciding what to make, or just want to enjoy your company, we can help. 

We look forward to meeting you!

More family time, less kitchen time. 

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